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1st Recon Beret

1st Recon Beret is a helmet in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about what protection it offers, special effects, and locations where to find it.

1st Recon Beret - General Info

1st recon berret fallout new vegas
Type Helmet
Damage Threshold (DT) 0
Effects +5 Critical Chance
+1 Perception
Weight 1
Value 40
Variations Boone's Beret
Form ID 000CCEBF
A red beret with the insignia and motto of First Recon sewn on it. The insignia is a bear skull on a background of crossed rifles


1st Recon Beret - Variations

  • Boone's Beret - a unique variant that you get during the One for My Baby quest. It has no special effects
  • Beret - common variant dropped by NCR units

1st Recon Beret - Locations

One for My Baby quest

Rewarded for the quest. You obtain it in Novac at 9 PM - 9 AM from Boone in the giant dinosaur head. To reach it, enter the Dino Bite gift shop and go left.

Manny Vargas

Can be looted or reverse-pickpocketed from Manny Vargas in Novac. To reverse-pickpocket, add a helmet with a Damage Threshold of 1 or higher to his inventory. After that, it should become available for pickpocketing.

1st Recon Beret - Notes

  • It has the largest Critical Chance bonus out of all headwear.
  • It can be worn with some other headwear items like Shades, Glasses, or helmets.