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Ratslayer is a rifle in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about the weapon - damage, requirements, and stats. We also include the variations and how to obtain it

Ratslayer - General Info

ratslayer fallout new vegas
Type Rifles
Skill Guns 0
Strength Req. 3
Damage 23
DPS 30
AP Cost 33
Ammo type 5.56mm round
Ammo per shot 1
Clip Size 8
Weight 4.5
Value 2000
Form ID 000E5B17
Locations Broc Flower Cave
Ratslayer has a black synthetic stock instead of the standard wood, parts that appear to be made from stainless steel, and 69 tally marks on the stock next to an image of a mole rat's skull. 


Ratslayer - Variations

  • Varmint Rifle - the base variant

Ratslayer - Locations

Can be found in Broc Flower Cave which is west of Nipton and north of Camp Searchlight. It is placed in the laboratory room on the upper level

Ratslayer - Notes

  • What makes this weapon unique is its crit chance multiplier which is 5x. This means that it is effortless to reach 100%.