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Stealth Suit Mk II

Stealth Suit Mk II is a medium armor in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about what protection it offers, special effects, and locations where to find it.

Stealth Suit Mk II - General Info

stealth suit mk 2 fallout new vegas
Type Medium Armor
Damage Threshold (DT) 14
Effects All of the effects stack:
Sneak +15 (Firmware v1.0)
Sneak +10 (Firmware v1.1)
Perception +1 (Firmware v1.2)
Agility +1 (Firmware v1.3)
Movement-speed while crouched +20% (Firmware v1.4)
Weight 25
Value 7500
Variations -
Form ID xx00C12F
Created by Big MT researchers in the X-13 research facility using captured Chinese stealth armor stealth field technology as a basis, the aural stealth suit was supposed to be a next-generation, cutting-edge infiltration suit to be used in the war effort


This armor is unique in terms that it can be upgraded by finishing special missions in X-13 Research Facility.

This will improve the bonus stats, greatly improving the suit. So it is recommended to finish them.

Stealth Suit Mk II - Locations

Requires Old World Blues DLC

X-13 Research Facility

x-13 Research Facility location fallout new vegas

Stealth Suit Mk II - Notes

  • The suit automatically dispenses Stimpaks if HP is below 50%.
  • It automatically activates Med-X to reduce damage taken
  • There is a builtin female narrator informing about combat, giving remarks, and telling if the pip-boy light should be turned off