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Hunting Shotgun

Hunting Shotgun is a shotgun in Fallout: New Vegas. Read further to learn about the weapon - damage, requirements, and stats. We also include the variations and how to obtain it

Hunting Shotgun - General Info

hunting Shotgun fallout new vegas
Type Shotgun
Skill Guns 75
Strength Req. 5
Damage 70
DPS 116.7
AP Cost 28
Ammo type 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell
Ammo per shot 1
Clip Size 5
Weight 7.5
Value 3800
Form ID 0008ED0B
The hunting shotgun was built for greater range and power over similar shotguns. Using the less common but more powerful 12 gauge shells


Hunting Shotgun Long Tube

+3 magazine size (5 shells to 8). These vendors may have the modification:

Hunting shotgun choke

Reduces spread by 40% (from 1.5 to 0.9).

Hunting Shotgun - Variations

Hunting Shotgun - Locations

As the weapon is intended for the mid-game, it may be difficult to acquire it at low levels.

  • Bloodborne Cave - close to a skeleton around the campfire
  • Followers Safehouse - located on the rightmost bed.
  • Charleston Cave - inside the cave, behind a Hard locked door.
  • Gun Runners - can be bought from the Vendortron after level 11.
  • Horowitz Farmstead - in the bed of the pick-up truck next to the barn, along with an ammunition box. This location is pretty much exactly where the fast travel point
  • In Bootjack Cavern, a hunting shotgun is on a deceased prospector. From the entrance, move to the right and deeper into the cave. Avoid going left, where you will find another prospector who doesn't have a shotgun.
  • The Thorn - owner, Red Lucy carries one.
  • Vault 34 - found inside the vault
  • Old Nuclear Test Site - can be found inside the shack, leaned up against the table.
  • Sold by Mick at Mick & Ralph's after accessing his "special inventory" after bypassing a Speech check of 30, over the level of 13
  • Zion fishing lodge - found propped up behind the bars. Requires Honest Hearts DLC
  • Carried by lobotomites in the Big MT at high levels. Requires Old World Blues DLC
  • Executive suites, Sierra Madre Casino & Resort - one can be found in the security room. Requires Dead Money DLC
  • Carried by White Legs storm-drummers depending on one's level. Requires Honest Hearts DLC

Hunting Shotgun - Notes

  • With modifications, this is the most accurate shotgun. It can easily be used in long-range