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Bounty Hunter Duster

Bounty Hunter Duster is a clothing piece in Fallout: New Vegas. In the game, it is referred to as light armor. Read further to learn about what protection it offers, special effects, and locations where to find it.

Bounty Hunter Duster - General Info

bounty hunter outfit fallout new vegas
Type Clothing
Damage Threshold (DT) 6
Effects +1 Charisma
+5 Guns
Weight 3
Value 70
Variations -
Form ID 0010D8DB
This outfit is one of the clothing items with the highest DT available in its category, along with Dr. Mobius' scrubs. 



Bounty Hunter Duster - Locations

The best bet to obtain it is to kill Caleb McCaffery during the quest Debt Collector. The quest is obtained in Atomic Wrangler Casino at Freeside

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Bounty Hunter Duster - Notes

This is the highest damage threshold clothing in the game, although it counts as a light armor