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Drell Assassin

Drell Assassin

Drell assassin icon
Type Passive Class Power
Can use Thane
Description Improves Thane Krios's Health and Weapon Damage

Drell Assassin is a Passive Class Power. These abilities improve characters' stats and give unique bonuses. They can be upgraded at the maximum level.

Drell Assassin - Progression

Rank Effect Description
  • Health: +5.00%
  • Weapon Damage: +12.50%
Thane's expertise in assassination and prolonging his life improve his effective health and weapon damage. 
  • Health: +10.00%
  • Weapon Damage: +25.00%
  • Health: +15.00%
  • Weapon Damage: +37.50%
4 Drell Marksman
  • Health: +15.00%
  • Weapon Damage: +50.00%
Thane's anatomical expertise and unerring aim increase his weapon damage beyond its already extraordinary level. 
Drell Veteran
  • Health: +20.00%
  • Weapon Damage: +37.50%
Thane's experience surviving life-threatening wounds increases his effective health.