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Collector Particle Beam

Collector Particle Beam

collector particle beam mass effect 2
Type Heavy Weapon
Recoil None
Accuracy High
Fire Mode Automatic
Fire Rate 1200 RPM
Clip size -
Base Damage 20
Armor Damage 1.0x
Shield Damage 1.5x
Barrier Damage 1.5x

Collector Particle Beam is a Heavy Weapon. These weapons provide great destruction compared to their other counterparts. However, they are usually heavy and have limited usability.

Collector Particle Beam - Description

Precise and lethal, this focused-radiation weapon is very effective against shields, barriers, and armor.

The energy required to create a destructive beam is several orders of magnitude more than the amount needed to launch a high-velocity projectile via a mass effect field.

The weapon you've retrieved appears to be a beam weapon of Collector origin, but efforts to understand the technology and replicate it have failed. With enough research, Normandy's engineers may be able to produce beam weapons, perhaps on a larger scale.

Collector Particle Beam - Can be used by

  • Shepard

Collector Particle Beam- How to obtain

It is obtained during the Horizon mission. This mission starts after you acquire Garrus, Mordin, Grunt, and Jack

  • Near the first frozen colonists on the stairs
  • After the Garage exit.
  • Awarded at the end of the mission

Collector Particle Beam - Notes

  • This is a very precise weapon that can be used against formidable enemies.
  • Effective against Collector Guardians.
  • Can be tough to use as it requires being in a line of sight with the enemy.