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Arc Projector

Arc Projector

arc projector mass effect 2
Type Heavy Weapon
Recoil None
Accuracy High
Fire Mode Single-Shot
Fire Rate 2s to Charge
Base Damage 400
Armor Damage 2.0x
Shield Damage 3.0x
Barrier Damage 2.0x

Arc Projector is a Heavy Weapon. These weapons provide great destruction compared to their other counterparts. However, they are usually heavy and have limited usability.

Arc Projector - Description

The arc projector ionizes targets with a nonvisible laser to ready them for a high-voltage electrical attack. As the lightning-like bolt hits its first target, a sophisticated autotargeting system paints succeeding targets with the ionization laser, allowing the electricity to take the path of least resistance and arc between them. An entire enemy strike team can be shocked to death with a few pulls of the trigger. 

Arc Projector - Can be used by

  • Shepard

Arc Projector - How to obtain

  • Available at the start of the game with Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition
  • For base Mass Effect 2 it comes with Cerberus Network DLC

Arc Projector - Notes

  • Very effective against a group of enemies
  • Very effective against synthetics and shields.
  • Arc Projector can also stun enemies
  • Can be risky to use on high difficulties due to 2 second charge up.