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Kestrel Helmet

Kestrel Helmet

Type Head
Effect Increases headshot damage by 5%
Increases weapon damage by 3%
Increases shields by 3%

Kestrel Helmet is an Armor piece in Mass Effect 2. These items provide various bonuses and can only be equipped on Shepard.

Kestrel Helmet - Description

The Kestrel armor system's helmet forgoes traditional transparent visors in favor of a reinforced faceplate with an internal heads-up display. The display connects to redundant micro cameras to allow naturalistic vision, and the helmet's weapon autotargeting and shield software provides a substantial boost to performance. 

Kestrel Helmet - How to obtain

  • Mass Effect 2 - Aegis Pack DLC
  • Legendary Edition - purchased from Serrice Technology shop on Illium.