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Kestrel Torso Sheath

Kestrel Torso Sheath

Type Chest
Effect Increases melee damage by 10%
Increases weapon damage by 5%
Increases shield strength by 3%

Kestrel Torso Sheath is an Armor piece in Mass Effect 2. These items provide various bonuses and can only be equipped on Shepard.

Kestrel Torso Sheath - Description

The Kestrel armor system's spinal-mount processor synchronizes artificial torso muscle fibers with limb movements, allowing power to be generated by the legs, channeled through the core, and projected out through the arms. Stabilization of the firing platform assists in autotargeting, and waist-mounted capacitors add to the power of kinetic barriers. 

Kestrel Torso Sheath - How to obtain

  • Mass Effect 2 - Aegis Pack DLC
  • Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition - purchased from Serrice Technology shop on Illium.