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M-76 Revenant

M-76 Revenant

M-76 Revenant
Type Assault Rifle
Recoil Moderate
Accuracy Low
Fire Mode Automatic
Fire Rate 700 RPM
Clip size 80
Base Damage 21.3
Armor Damage 1.4x
Shield Damage 1.2x
Barrier Damage 1.2x

M-76 Revenant is an Assault Rifle. These are primary weapons that concentrate on mid-range combat. Assault Rifles have good heat management and decent power.

M-76 Revenant - Description

Unleashes a storm of deadly high-velocity slugs. Less accurate than an assault rifle, but has a high ammo capacity and deals much more damage. Effective against armor, shields, and biotic barriers. Upgrades the Vindicator Battle Rifle.

This custom-made machine gun features technology not widely available. Protected against replication by sophisticated Fabrication Rights Management (FRM) technology, only the richest and most powerful warlords can afford this weapon.

M-76 Revenant - Can be used by

  • Soldier

M-76 Revenant - How to obtain

Can be obtained during Collector Ship Mission. You will have to choose it as one of the rewards after interacting with Prothean terminal and reaching the pile of weapons.

M-76 Revenant - Notes

  • The rifle has quite a high recoil and muzzle climb. To counteract it, target enemy feed or legs if shooting in fully automatic mode.
  • This weapon is deadly in the Soldier's hands as he can negate the muzzle climb with Adrenaline Rush.