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N7 Hurricane

N7 Hurricane

n7 hurricane mass effect 3
Type Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Automatic
Clip Size 40
Clip Reserve 240
Weight 30/100
Capacity 60/100
Fire Rate 100/100
Damage 22/100
Accuracy 15/100

N7 Hurricane is a Submachine Gun in Mass Effect 3. These weapons have a fast fire rate and are effective in close to mid-range combat

N7 Hurricane - Description

While some militaries pass on the Hurricane because of its lower accuracy, the Alliance feels the gun's rapid firing rate offers excellent suppressive fire. A disciplined marksman can use the fully automatic submachine gun to chew through targets with alarming speed. Alliance officers were so pleased with field results that the Hurricane is now many squadrons' standard-issue SMG.

N7 Hurricane - Can be used by

  • Shepard
  • Liara
  • Tali
  • EDI

N7 Hurricane - How to obtain

  • Mass Effect 3 - included with Collector's Edition Pack
  • Legendary Edition - Purchased from Spectre Requisitions in Citadel, Citadel Embassies. The price is 75 000 Credits

N7 Hurricane - Notes

  • This is the fastest firing Submachine Gun
  • It is perfect for companions as they have almost 100% accuracy. Moreover, they have no issues with ammo reserves.
  • Not recommended to be used on Shepard if you do not have a lot of practice with high recoil weapons.