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acolyte mass effect 3
Type Heavy Pistol
Fire Mode Charged Semi-Automatic
Clip Size 3
Clip Reserve 12
Weight 20/100
Capacity 15/100
Fire Rate 10/100
Damage 50/100
Accuracy 45/100

Acolyte is a Heavy Pistol in Mass Effect 3. These weapons have a slow fire rate but adequate damage. They are effective in mid-range combat

Acolyte - Description

Designed for the asari resistance, the Acolyte's barrels fire advanced ammunition similar to that of an impact-triggered resonant warp bomb, which has a devastating effect on shields and biotic barriers. The specialized nature of the warp field means it does not pierce armor as effectively, but the shooter's biotics are expected to make up for this shortcoming. 

Acolyte - Can be used by

  • Shepard
  • EDI
  • Kaidan
  • Javik
  • Liara
  • Tali
  • Wrex

Acolyte - How to obtain

  • Mass Effect 3 - Groundside Resistance Pack DLC
  • Legendary Edition - can be purchased from Nos Astra Sporting Goods in Presidium Commons, Citadel. The price is 10 000 Credits.

Acolyte - Notes

  • This weapon can only shoot charged shots.
  • This weapon deals extremely high damage to shields and barriers.