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fortification mass effect 3
Type Combat Power
Can use Shepard
Description Reinforce armor using protective Foucault currents. Purge the current and send its charge to your gauntlets for increased melee damage.

Fortification is a Combat Power in Mass Effect 3. These abilities provide offensive and defensive capabilities related directly to combat

Fortification - Progression

Rank Effect Requirements
1 Slows power use by 50%.  1 Squad Point
2 Increase recharge speed by 25% when armor is purged.  2 Squad Points
3 Increase melee damage bonus by 20% when armor is purged.  3 Squad Points
4 Durability
  • Increase damage protection by 5%. 
4 Squad Points
Melee Damage
  • Increase melee damage bonus by 30% when armor is purged. 
4 Squad Points
5 Recharge Speed
  • Increase shield recharge rate by 15%.
5 Squad Points
Power Synergy
  • Increase Power Damage and force by 30% while Fortification is active.
5 Squad Points
6 Power Recharge
  • Reduce the power speed penalty by 30%.
6 Squad Points
  • Increase damage protection by 10%. 
6 Squad Points

Fortification - Notes

  • Fortification also works with Tech Armor, which is Sentinel ability.
  • Fortification activates instantly without any animations
  • The cooldown reduction only applies to the bonus that you see in weapon loadout screen