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Particle Rifle

Particle Rifle

particle rifle mass effect 3
Type Assault Rifle
Fire Mode Automatic
Clip Size 100
Clip Reserve Infinite
Weight 58/100
Capacity 100/100
Fire Rate 80/100
Damage 12/100
Accuracy 40/100

Particle Rifle is an Assault Rifle in Mass Effect 3. They have a high fire rate, moderate to high damage, and are effective in mid-range combat.

Particle Rifle - Description

After the Reapers obliterated the Prothean Empire's warships, the Prothean resistance was forced to develop weapons that did not rely on intact supply lines. The Prothean Particle Rifle is a stripped-down, powerful assault rifle modified to fire without thermal clips or specialized ammunition. Alliance scientists agree that it appears to share some principles with the Collectors' particle beam weapon, although this gun requires a temporary cool-down period if it overheats. An amalgam of two different eras of technology, the particle rifle is still a deadly, efficient weapon. 

Particle Rifle - Can be used by

  • Shepard
  • James
  • Garrus

Particle Rifle - How to obtain

It is obtained during DLC mission Priority: Eden Prime. The mission is available after you first visit Citadel and depart it with Normandy.

Particle Rifle - Notes

  • It has an unlimited reserve of ammo, however, it needs to cool down for ammo to recharge
  • The rifle damage increases the longer you shoot the beam without interruptions
  • It is very accurate and has no recoil