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Geth Pulse Rifle

Geth Pulse Rifle

geth pulse rifle mass effect 3
Type Assault Rifle
Fire Mode Automatic
Clip Size 80
Clip Reserve 400
Weight 33/100
Capacity 80/100
Fire Rate 90/100
Damage 12/100
Accuracy 37/100

Geth Pulse Rifle is an Assault Rifle in Mass Effect 3. They have a high fire rate, moderate to high damage, and are effective in mid-range combat.

Geth Pulse Rifle - Description

Geth pulse rifles are comparable to a standard stock assault rifle, but finely balanced with low-recoil and incredibly high accuracy. The pulse rifle fires a rapid stream of light-weight slugs which are wrapped in a phasic envelope to increase their damage. 

Geth Pulse Rifle - Can be used by

  • Shepard
  • Garrus
  • James
  • Javik

Geth Pulse Rifle - How to obtain

  • Obtained during mission Priority: Geth Dreadnought. It will be found before entering Operations Center.
  • Purchased from Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies in Presidium Commons on Citadel.

Geth Pulse Rifle - Notes

  • This rifle has one of the highest ammo capacity per clip in the game
  • It is very effective with ammo powers due to its fast fire rate.