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N7 Piranha

N7 Piranha

N7 piranha mass effect 3
Type Shotgun
Fire Mode Automatic
Clip Size 6
Clip Reserve 48
Weight 55/100
Capacity 25/100
Fire Rate 15/100
Damage 65/100
Accuracy 10/100

N7 Piranha is a Shotgun in Mass Effect 3. These weapons are very effective at short range and deal high damage. Unfortunately, they have low accuracy.

N7 Piranha - Description

The N7 Piranha is an assault shotgun designed for the Reaper war. When the N7 program began training alien resistance forces, the lighter-bodied species wanted a low-recoil weapon with a wide pellet spread for dealing with hordes of husks. The result was the Piranha, which hit a sweet spot in close-range firepower. Its rapid-fire capability tears apart not only husks but most opponents unlucky enough to be in its way.

N7 Piranha - Can be used by

  • James
  • Shepard
  • Tali

N7 Piranha - How to obtain

  • Mass Effect 3 - Groundside Resistance Pack DLC. Appears in the Armory automatically
  • Legendary Edition - purchased from Spectre Requisitions in Citadel Embassies on Citadel. The price is 125 000 Credits

N7 Piranha - Notes

  • This is a perfect choice for Vanguard which can release multiple shots after Biotic Charge
  • Has a very wide spread and is not effective in mid and long-range combat.