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Concussive Shot

Concussive Shot

concussive shot mass effect 3
Type Combat Power
Can use Soldier Shepard
Description Flatten your enemy with a precise blast at short or long-range.

Concussive Shot is a Combat Power in Mass Effect 3. These abilities provide offensive and defensive capabilities related directly to combat

Concussive Shot - Progression

Rank Effect Requirements
  • Effective against barriers.
  • Recharge Speed: 10 sec (5 sec multiplayer)
  • Damage: 200
  • Force: 300 N 
1 Squad Point
  • Increases recharge speed by 25%.
2 Squad Points
  • Increase force and damage by 20%.
3 Squad Points
4 Force & Damage
  • Increase force and damage by 30%. 
4 Squad Points
  • Increase impact radius by 1.50 meters. 
4 Squad Points
5 Shatter
  • Increase force and damage to frozen targets by 100%. 
5 Squad Points
Recharge Speed
  • Increases recharge speed by 35%. 
5 Squad Points
6 Amplification
  • Power Concussive Shot with the properties of the active ammo power, enabling it to burn, freeze, disrupt, warp, or pierce armor. 
6 Squad Points
  • Increase damage to organics by 100% over 10 seconds. Increase force by 50%. 
6 Squad Points

Concussive Shot - Notes

  • Deals 400% damage to barriers.
  • Staggers protected enemies and knocked out unprotected ones
  • Detonates Fire, Cryo, and Tech explosions
  • Amplification dramatically improves the effectiveness of the ability. It allows Concussive Shot to deal 400% bonus damage to armors if using Incendiary or Warp Ammo. 400% bonus to shields if using Disruptor Ammo.