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M-25 Hornet

M-25 Hornet

M-25 hornet mass effect 3
Type Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Three-round burst
Clip Size 24
Clip Reserve 144
Weight 33/100
Capacity 38/100
Fire Rate 90/100
Damage 18/100
Accuracy 23/100

M-25 Hornet is a Submachine Gun in Mass Effect 3. These weapons have a fast fire rate and are effective in close to mid-range combat

M-25 Hornet - Description

The Hornet is a long-range submachine gun created by Cerberus. It is standard equipment for Cerberus troops, who are trained to handle the recoil from the gun's three-round bursts. Cerberus designed the Hornet to conserve ammunition and provide cover fire during prolonged conflicts.

M-25 Hornet - Can be used by

  • EDI
  • Liara

M-25 Hornet - How to obtain

Obtained during Priority: The Citadel II main story mission. It can be found on the C-Sec officer's body.

Another option is to purchase it from Batarian State Arms in Docks: Holding Area on Citadel. This becomes available once you finish Priority: Tuchanka main story quest

M-25 Hornet - Notes

  • Although it has a low clip size it also has the fastest reload time out of all SMGs.
  • Use upgrades like SMG Recoil System to reduce recoil or SMG Magazine Upgrade for larger clip size.