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Energy Drain

Energy Drain

energy drain me3
Type Tech Power
Can use Tali
Description Hit an enemy with this energy pulse to inflict damage and to steal barrier and shield power.

Energy Drain is a Tech Power in Mass Effect 3. These abilities rely on technology and can be used both offensively and defensively.

Energy Drain - Progression

Rank Effect Requirements
  • Hit an enemy with this energy pulse to inflict damage and steal barrier and shield power. 
1 Squad Point
  • Increase recharge speed by 25%. 
2 Squad Points
  • Increase damage by 20%. 
3 Squad Points
4 Damage
  • Increase damage by 30%. 
4 Squad Points
  • Increase impact radius by 100%. 
4 Squad Points
5 Drain
  • Increase shield restoration rate by 50% when draining shields, barriers, or power from synthetic enemies. 
5 Squad Points
Recharge Speed
  • Increase recharge speed by 25%. 
5 Squad Points
6 Damage
  • Increase damage by 40%. 
6 Squad Points
Armor Boost
  • Reduce damage taken by 40% for 10 seconds by gaining a temporary layer of armor by draining shields, barriers, or energy from synthetics. 
6 Squad Points

Energy Drain - Notes

  • The ability is extremely effective against enemy shields and barriers. Avoid using it against armors
  • The ability can hit two targets
  • Energy Drain will prime enemy hit with a Tech Burst. This can be exploited with abilities like Overload
  • It can detonate Fire, Cryo, and Tech Explosions against all synthetic targets. However, detonation only happens for organic targets if they have a barrier or shield
  • It can be combined with an Overload Chain upgrade.
  • Use it on classes that are not able to strip enemy shields and barriers easily: Vanguard or Adept.