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sabotage me3
Type Tech Power
Can use Engineer
Description Sabotage weapons and hack synthetics.

Sabotage is a Tech Power in Mass Effect 3. These abilities rely on technology and can be used both offensively and defensively.

Sabotage - Progression

Rank Effect Requirements
  • Compromised synthetics fight on your side.
  • Affected weapons overheat. 
1 Squad Point
2 Increase recharge speed by 25%.  2 Squad Points
3 Increase impact radius by 30%.  3 Squad Points
4 Duration
  • Increase power duration by 50%. 
4 Squad Points
  • Increase damage taken by 30% (60% multiplayer) when enemy weapons overheat. 
4 Squad Points
5 Explosive Hack
  • Synthetics explode when destroyed, dealing 350 points of damage across a 4-meter radius. 
5 Squad Points
Recharge Speed
  • Increase recharge speed by 25% (35% multiplayer). 
5 Squad Points
6 Berserk
  • Hacked synthetics fighting on your side move faster and do 100% (50% multiplayer) more damage. 
6 Squad Points
Tech Vulnerability
  • Increase all tech power damage done to the target by 100% (50% multiplayer) for 10 seconds. 
6 Squad Points

Sabotage - Notes

  • Sabotage can prime enemies of Tech Burst. However, this only happens on Organic enemies 1.5 after the ability was used on them. After this time the weapon explodes dealing bonus damage. This is when the enemy becomes primed.
  • Synthetic enemies become allies for a period of time. It works on any synthetic even Geth Prime or Atlas.
  • Sabotage goes well with Overload Chain upgrade as you can Sabotage multiple enemies. They then become primed for Tech Burst, which overload can easily exploit.
  • The Backfire effect is very useful for staggering and interrupting enemies.