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Cryo Blast

Cryo Blast

cryo blast me3
Type Tech Power
Can use Engineer
Description Flash-freeze and shatter unprotected enemies. Slow down the rest.

Cryo Blast is a Tech Power in Mass Effect 3. These abilities rely on technology and can be used both offensively and defensively.

Cryo Blast - Progression

Rank Effect Requirements
  • Weaken armor.
  • Frozen targets won't regenerate health. 
1 Squad Point
2 Increases recharge speed by 25%.  2 Squad Points
3 Increase duration by 40%.  3 Squad Points
4 Duration
  • Increase duration by 60%. 
4 Squad Points
  • Increase impact radius by 2 meters. 
4 Squad Points
5 Speed Reduction
  • Decrease the movement speed of chilled targets by an additional 20%. (30% multiplayer) 
5 Squad Points
Cryo Explosion
  • Increase damage to chilled and frozen targets by 10%. 
5 Squad Points
6 Recharge Speed
  • Increase recharge speed by 50%. (100% multiplayer)
6 Squad Points
Frozen Vulnerability
  • Increase damage to frozen and chilled targets by 15%.
  • Weaken armored targets by an additional 25%. 
6 Squad Points

Cryo Blast - Notes

  • The ability deals no damage
  • Cryo Blast freezes unprotected enemies and chills protected. Chilled enemies move slower
  • Only frozen enemies can be primed for Cryo Explosion
  • Freezing happens in about 1.5 seconds
  • It is most effective against unprotected enemies like husks, cannibals, etc. which can then be exploited with Cryo Explosion.