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M-97 Viper

M-97 Viper

m 97 viper mass effect 3
Type Sniper Rifle
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Clip Size 6
Clip Reserve 36
Weight 49/100
Capacity 18/100
Fire Rate 9/100
Damage 41/100
Accuracy 83/100

M-97 Viper is a Sniper Rifle in Mass Effect 3. These weapons have very high damage, long range, and slow fire rate compared to other weapons

M-97 Viper - Description

The Viper is a semi-automatic, rapid-fire sniper rifle manufactured by Rosenkov Materials. Rosenkov developed a patented automated-release system that assists with thermal-clip ejection, shortening the Viper's reload time. This rifle is popular with military snipers, who appreciate a long-range gun that can snap off multiple shots in the blink of an eye.

M-97 Viper - Can be used by

  • Ashley
  • Garrus

M-97 Viper - How to obtain

  • Obtained during early story mission - Priority: Palaven. It is placed at the first base on the crate. Should be hard to miss it
  • Purchased from Kassa Fabrication in Presidium Commons of the Citadel

M-97 Viper - Notes

  • It is one of the lightest sniper rifles, perfect for builds that heavily rely on power cooldowns.
  • A great choice if you instantly want to apply ammo effects like Freezing or electrocution
  • Viper will not be able to take out most enemies with a single headshot.