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Tactical Cloak

Tactical Cloak

tactical cloak me3
Type Tech Power
Can use Infiltrator
Description Become invisible.

Tactical Cloak is a Tech Power in Mass Effect 3. These abilities rely on technology and can be used both offensively and defensively.

Tactical Cloak - Progression

Rank Effect Requirements
1 Gain a massive damage bonus when breaking from cloak to attack.  1 Squad Point
2 Increase recharge speed by 25%.  2 Squad Points
3 Increase power duration by 30%.  3 Squad Points
4 Duration
  • Increase power duration by 40%.
4 Squad Points
  • Increase damage bonus by 40%.
4 Squad Points
5 Recharge Speed
  • Increase recharge speed by 30%. 
5 Squad Points
Melee Damage
  • Increase melee damage by 50% while cloaked. 
5 Squad Points
6 Bonus Power
  • Fire one power while cloaked and remain hidden. 
6 Squad Points
Sniper Rifle Damage
  • Increase sniper rifle damage by 40% while cloaked

6 Squad Points

Tactical Cloak - Notes

  • Bonus damage applies to powers, grenades, and weapon shots.
  • On Insanity enemies still shoots cloaked person if they have seen them using the ability.