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M-12 Locust

M-12 Locust

m 12 locust smg mass effect 3
Type Submachine Gun
Fire Mode Automatic
Clip Size 20
Clip Reserve 240
Weight 23/100
Capacity 58/100
Fire Rate 58/100
Damage 15/100
Accuracy 63/100

M-12 Locust is a Submachine Gun in Mass Effect 3. These weapons have a fast fire rate and are effective in close to mid-range combat

M-12 Locust - Description

The Kassa Fabrications Model-12 Locust is a compact submachine gun developed for the Alliance but is now favored by gang enforcers and hitmen. Featuring a complex recoil-reducing mechanism and high-grade auto-targeting software, the Locust delivers longer-range, more accurate fire than others in its class. 

M-12 Locust - Can be used by

  • Shepard
  • EDI
  • Liara

M-12 Locust - How to obtain

  • Obtained during Priority: Horizon main story mission. It is a late-game mission and you can find it on one of the tables.
  • Purchased from Kassa Fabrication in Presidium Commons on Citadel. The price is 7000. Only available if not picked during the mission

M-12 Locust - Notes

  • It is an extremely accurate submachine gun compared to other options.
  • Unfortunately, due to the small magazine, you will reload often.