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M-11 Wraith

M-11 Wraith

m-11 wraith me3
Type Shotgun
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Clip Size 2
Clip Reserve 10
Weight 55/100
Capacity 13/100
Fire Rate 4/100
Damage 70/100
Accuracy 15/100

M-11 Wraith is a Shotgun in Mass Effect 3. These weapons are very effective at short range and deal high damage. Unfortunately, they have low accuracy.

M-11 Wraith - Description

The Wraith is favored among mercenaries, pirates, and slavers in the Terminus systems. Its high-impact damage and sturdy construction make it a popular "quick-draw" shotgun. A variant of the M-22 Eviscerator, demand for the Wraith is higher than ever, even though the weapon is banned in Citadel space. In order to lighten its weight, the Wraith holds fewer shots than the Eviscerator. 

M-11 Wraith - Can be used by

  • Aria
  • James
  • Tali
  • Wrex

M-11 Wraith - How to obtain

  • Spectre Requisitions Terminal in Citadel Embassies on Citadel. The price is 75 000 Credits.

M-11 Wraith - Notes

  • This is an upgraded version of M-22 Eviscerator. It deals more damage but has less total ammo.
  • Its drawback is also the slow rate of fire.
  • The biggest benefit of using it is its lightweight. It is the perfect weapon for classes that often use powers in close-quarter combat. For example - Vanguard