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M-300 Claymore

M-300 Claymore

m 300 claymore me3
Type Shotgun
Fire Mode Single Shot
Clip Size 1
Clip Reserve 8
Weight 98/100
Capacity 10/100
Fire Rate 2/100
Damage 91/100
Accuracy 10/100

M-300 Claymore is a Shotgun in Mass Effect 3. These weapons are very effective at short range and deal high damage. Unfortunately, they have low accuracy.

M-300 Claymore - Description

The Claymore used to be a hard-hitting but poor-selling shotgun due to kickback problems snapping the arms of anyone but krogan firing the weapon. After a rehaul of its kinetic dampening system, the Claymore is being rolled out again. As a way to lure back customers, the gun's manufacturer has lowered the shotgun's selling price without skimping on its stopping power. 

M-300 Claymore - Can be used by

  • Aria
  • James
  • Tali
  • Wrex

M-300 Claymore - How to obtain

  • Obtained during Attican Traverse: Krogan Team quest. This mission becomes available after the main story quest Priority Sur'Kesh (you will visit a Salarian planet for female Krogan)
  • Purchasable from Cipritine Armory in Presidium Commons on Citadel

M-300 Claymore - Notes

  • This is the strongest weapon in the game if shot from close range.
  • You will need to learn to reload canceling to effectively use this weapon. This can be done, once reloading starts and you hear the 'click' sound. Then do any action - shoot, use a power, dodge. The reloading will already be finished - just the animation continues.