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throw mass effect 3
Type Biotic Power
Can use Adept
Description Toss your enemy through the air with this biotic blast.

Throw is a Biotic Power in Mass Effect 3. These abilities are used by Adepts and allow them to manipulate biotic fields. They can be both offensive and defensive.

Throw - Progression

Rank Effect Requirements
1 Toss your enemy through the air with this biotic blast. 1 Squad Point
2 Increase recharge speed by 25%. 2 Squad Points
3 Increase force by 30%. 3 Squad Points
4 Force
  • Increase force by 40%.
4 Squad Points
  • Increase impact radius by 2 meters.
4 Squad Points
5 Detonate
  • Increase force and damage of biotic detonations by 50%. 
5 Squad Points
Recharge Combo
  • Reset recharge time after a biotic combo detonates. 
5 Squad Points
6 Double Throw
  • Launch two Throw projectiles that seek two targets instead of one. 
6 Squad Points
Recharge Speed
  • Increase recharge speed by 60%. 
6 Squad Points

Throw - Notes

  • Although this ability does not deal damage, the force that it creates damage enemies. You can think of this "fall damage" that the enemy receives from the force of the biotic field
  • The ability has a very low cooldown and can be spammed to detonate any type of combo - cryo, biotic, fire, or tech.
  • It has very fast travel speed, but not instant