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bio convert augmentation mass effect andromeda
Usage Weapons
Type Augmentation
Augmentation Type Special
Technology Heleus
Research Cost 50
Effect When the current ammo clip is empty, drains 5% of health and refills the clip. 

Bio-Converter is an Augmentation found in Mass Effect Andromeda. They provide bonus effects to gear and can be applied during crafting (development)

Bio-Converter - How to obtain

The augmentation can be researched from Research Station, which grants you one item. After that, you can drop it from enemies and containers related to that Technology

Bio-Converter - Notes

  • One of the most powerful augmentations. Weapons like Isharay, do not need reloading as long as you have HP
  • Having Cora as a companion is extremely helpful as her Shield Boost restores HP at upgrade level 6