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Asari Sword

Asari Sword

asari sword mass effect andromeda
Technology Type Milky Way
Weapon Type Melee Weapon
Rarity Ultra Rare
Damage 400-880
Augmentation Slots 4
Development Materials Omni-Gel Canister

Asari Sword is a Melee Weapon found in Mass Effect Andromeda. It is used in close combat and can come with unique effects

Asari Sword - Description

Asari huntresses are masters of silent stalking and killing. Many combine blades and biotics, charging forward at mind-bending speeds before swinging their swords with enhanced power. Huntresses are rare, making such swift assassinations necessary for asari military victory.

Asari Sword - Effects

Performs quick dash, similar to Charge biotic skill. The user is Invulnerable during that time

Asari Sword - How to obtain

All weapons can be researched and crafted via Research Stations found in Tempest or on planets.

Asari Sword - Stats

Rank Damage Augmentations
I 400 0
II 453 4
III 506 4
IV 560 4
V 613 4
VI 666 4
VII 720 4
VIII 773 4
IX 826 4
X 880 4

Asari Sword - Notes

  • It is one of the two ultra-rare melee weapons with 4 augmentation slots
  • The weapon requires some practice to pull off correctly. However, after that the weapon allows for taking out the strongest enemies easily.