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Fusion Mod of Adrenaline

Fusion Mod of Adrenaline

fusion mod of adrenaline mass effect andromeda
Usage Chest piece
Type Fusion Mod
Rarity Ultra Rare
Bonus effect +100% On Kill: Recharge All Active Powers 
Negative effect -50% All Power Recharge Speeds 

Fusion Mod of Adrenaline is a Fusion Mod found in Mass Effect Andromeda. It can be applied to armors in the loadout screen. They are very powerful but come with negative effects

Fusion Mod of Adrenaline - How to obtain

You can obtain the mod once you activate the main vault in Havarl. This is during the quest A Dying Planet

After that, go to this area on the Havarl planet.

Fusion Mod of Adrenaline location havarl mass effect andromeda

There you will find a lone Roekkar soldier. Behind him, there will be a console, that you need to activate. Use the scanner and follow the pipes. After this, you will find a pillar with small balconies. Jump on them and activate the next console

Do the same and after that, you can use Gravity wells to move around. Reach the final destination with the chest where you will find the Fusion Mod.