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Combat Recharge Module

Combat Recharge Module

combat recharge module mass effect andromeda
Usage Weapons
Armor Pieces
Type Augmentation
Augmentation Type General
Rarity Uncommon
Technology Milky Way
Effect Weapon: +5% Combat Recharge Speed
Gear: +2% Combat Recharge Speed 

Combat Recharge Module is an Augmentation found in Mass Effect Andromeda. They provide bonus effects to gear and can be applied during crafting (development)

Combat Recharge Module - How to obtain

The augmentation can be bought from General merchants:


  • General Merchant - Common Area


  • Merivaas (Material Merchant) - in the marketplace


  • Annea - The Paradise

In case it does not appear, try to leave the area and enter again (need a loading screen) for the stock to refresh.