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Jaggi Hide+ - usage and where to find it

Jaggi Hide+

Rarity 6
Value 350z
Carry 99
Monster Jaggi
Locations Sandy Plains (high rank)


Jaggi Hide+ is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. These types of materials are acquired by doing quests, killing large and small monsters, or looting.

Jaggi Hide+ - How to obtain

Monsters that drop and location

  • Jaggi - you will need to carve its body for the hidein Sandy Plains (high  rank)
  • Jaggia - need to hunt it and carve its body for the hide in Sandy Plains (high rank)


Jaggi Hide+ - Usage

Weapon crafting

  • Jaggi Greatblade (x2)

Armor crafting

  • Jaggi Mask S (x2)
  • Jaggi Gauntlet S (x2)
  • Jaggi Shinguards S (x3)

Decoration Crafting