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Jagras Hide - usage and where to find it

Jagras Hide

Rarity 4
Value 70z
Carry 99
Monster Jagras
Locations Shrine Ruins (low rank)
Flooded Forest (low rank)


Jagras Hide is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. These types of materials are acquired by doing quests, killing large and small monsters, or looting.

Jagras Hide - How to obtain

Monsters that drop and location

  • Jagras - carve body for 53% chance. Can be found in Shrine Ruins (low rank) and Flooded Forest (low rank)


Jagras Hide - Usage

Weapon crafting

  • Sky-High Glaive I
  • Bone Gun II

Armor crafting

  • Gargwa Mask (x1)
  • Hunter's Coil (x1)
  • Tigrex Helm (x2)

Decoration Crafting