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Kulu-Ya-Ku - Weakness, Rewards and Gear


kulu ya ku icon
Species Bird Wyvern
Elements ***
Ailments ***
Ailments Weakness Stun ⭐⭐
Blast ⭐⭐
Element Weaknesses Water ⭐⭐
Weak parts Head (Cut, Blunt, Ammo)
Foreleg (Cut, Blunt)
Tail (Cut)
Resistances ***
Locations Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns.



A bird wyvern that is able to carry boulders or jars in order to defend or attack the enemies.

  • Turf wars: ???
  • Health: ???
  • Quests: ???

Combat Guide

Recommended equipment and loadout

  • Traps
  • Flash bomb


Kulu-Ya-Ku main weakness is his head - so focus on it during the fights

Main attack - Rocks

The Kulu-Ya-Ku is able to dig up and equip rocks and jars as a weapon. There are two attacks to avoid by moving to the sides while the monster is holding them: a long-range one when the monster jumps with the rock and a medium-range one when the rock or the jar is being tossed at the hunter. One clever way to decrease the number of these attacks is to focus and destroy the rocks/jars on the ground. By doing that you will decrease the moveset of the monster.

Other attacks

Kulu-Ya-Ku also loves to attack by jumping towards the hunter. It gives a good opportunity to counterattack as the monster slows down for a few seconds after the jump.

Weaknesses Guide

Weakness overview - weak to water


Ailment Poison Sleep Paralysis Blast Stun Exhaust
Weakness resistance ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐

Breakable parts

  • Head
  • Foreleg

Weak monster parts

Carves and Rewards

Craftable Gear