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Fire Herb - Location, How to Get and Use

Fire Herb

fire herb icon
Type Materials
Location Sandy Plains
Rarity 2
Value 4
Carry 20
Locations Shrine Ruins
Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns

Fire Herb is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. Materials can be received from quests, hunting monsters, carving, gathering, etc.

Fire Herb - Locations and How to Obtain

This section contains explanations of different ways that the material can be obtained.

Gathering Locations

Locations where you can gather the materials in the game through outcrops and similar sources.

Shrine Ruins
Shrine Ruins fire herb locations
Sandy Plains
sandy plains Fire herbs locations
Lava Caverns
lava caverns fire herbs locationsUpper Level fire herb lava caverns lowerLower level

Fire herb - Material Usage

This section covers different use cases for the material, like crafting, forging, and upgrading.

Weapon crafting

  • Iron Gunlance II (x5)
  • Secta Nulo Red I (x5)
  • Heat Lance I (x10)

Armor crafting

  • Melahoa Jacket S (×3) 
  • Melahoa Jacket (×3) 

Other item Crafting

  • Cleanser
  • Gunpowder
  • Barrel Bomb
  • Blast Coating
  • Flaming Ammo
  • Piercing Fire Ammo
  • Gunpowder Lv2
  • Gunpowder Lv3