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Tetranadon - Weakness, Rewards and Gear


Species Amphibian
Elements Water
Ailments Waterblight
Ailments Weakness Paralysis ⭐⭐⭐
Thunderblight ⭐⭐
Element Weaknesses Thunder (Head, Forehead)
Weak parts Head (Cut, Blunt, Ammo)
Neck (Blunt)
Resistances Water
Locations Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Lava Caverns



A turtle-like monster who is able to dramatically increase his body size in order to perform more powerful attacks.

  • Turf wars: ???
  • Health: ???
  • Quests: Can’t Stomach the Thought

Combat Guide

Recommended equipment and loadout

  • Nullberries


Tetranadon's main weakness is his head - so focus on it during the fights.

Also, the monster has the ability to eat during the fight and expand his body size (and potential area for your attacks.) As a result, take advantage of it and focus on the belly during this temporary transformation.

Main attack - Waterballs

Be ready to avoid three waterballs during the normal form of the monster. The mechanic changes to one large waterball after the monster expands his belly. Keep in mind that Tetranadon performs these attacks in front of him so the damage could be easily avoided by moving sideways

Other attacks

In addition, Tetranadon has a number of quite slow-paced but heavy attacks.

  • Jump attack - You need to dodge this because the damage of these attacks hurts. Also, be aware that the hitbox area is huge.
  • Slam attack - Tetranadon, while being with an expanded belly, can slam the ground with his leg and cause a tremor. Try to avoid the damage or stack up some tremor resistance.
  • Rock Throw attack - The monster is able to pick up rocks and throw them directly at the player.

Weaknesses Guide

Weakness overview - weak to thunder


Ailment Poison Sleep Paralysis Blast Stun Exhaust
Weakness resistance ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐

Breakable parts

  • Head

Weak monster parts

Carves and Rewards

Craftable Gear