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Rampage Agitato V

Rampage Agitato V

rampage agitato V image mhr
Type Hunting Horn
Rarity 6
Attack 200
Sharpness rampage agitato v sharpness mhr
Element -
Affinity 0%
Defense Bonus 0
hunting horn blue melody mhr iconEffect Earplugs (S)
red melody icon mhrEffect Health Recovery (S)
green melody icon mhrEffect Sonic Wave
Rampage Slots 3
Rampage Skills Multiple

Rampage Agitato V is a weapon type called Hunting Horn that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon concentrates on dealing blunt damage and releasing songs to buff group members or weaken enemies.

Rampage Agitato V - Details

General information

  • This Horn is special because it can have multiple Rampage Skills allowing for maximum customization.
  • It has all the rampage skills available for upgrades

Crafting materials

Rampage Agitato V - Upgrade path

Weapon Name Required Materials
Rampage Agitato I Apex Beastclaw ×1
Guild Ticket ×1
Lagombi Pelt+ ×2
Rampage Agitato II Bishaten Feather+ ×3
Apex Venom Spike ×1
Defender Ticket 5 ×1
Rampage Agitato III Anjanath Nosebone+ ×2
Ibushi Carapace ×1
Defender Ticket 6 ×1
Rampage Agitato IV Tigrex Fang+ ×2
Apex Bubblefoam ×1
Defender Ticket 7 ×1
Rampage Agitato V Apex Blaze Sac ×1
Apex Curlhorn ×1
Defender Ticket 8 ×3