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Rhenoplos Scalp - details and how to obtain

Rhenoplos Scalp

Rarity 4
Value 160z
Carry 99
Monster Rhenoplos
Locations Sandy Plains
Lava Rocks

Rhenoplos Scalp is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. These types of materials are acquired by doing quests, killing large and small monsters, or looting.

How to obtain Rhenoplos Scalp

Rhenoplos Scalpcan be obtained by killing Rhenoplos and carving them

This small monster can be found in Lava Caverns area 4 and 5. For Sandy Plains area 1 and 8


Rhenoplos Scalp Usage


  • Rhenoplos Coil
  • Rhenoplos Helm S
  • Rhenoplos Coil S
  • Rhenoplos Braces S