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Sinister Strum I

Sinister Strum I

sinister strum image mhr
Type Hunting Horn
Rarity 3
Attack 120
Sharpness Sinister Strum I sharpness
Element Blast 13
Affinity 0%
Defense Bonus 0
Slots -
hunting horn blue melody mhr iconEffect Sonic Barrier
red melody icon mhrEffect Attack and Defense Up
green melody icon mhrEffect Health Regeneration
Rampage Slots 1
Rampage Skills Attack Boost II
Blast Boost I
Magnamalo Soul

Sinister Strum I is a weapon type called Hunting Horn that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon concentrates on dealing blunt damage and releasing songs to buff group members or weaken enemies.

Sinister Strum I - Details

General information

  • The horn is quite powerful as it also has a blast element

Crafting materials

  • 7500 Zeny
  • Magnamalo Shell x3
  • Magnamalo Scute x2
  • Magnamalo Scale x3
  • Magna Ghostprism x2

Sinister Strum I - Upgrade path

Weapon Name Required Materials
Sinister Strum I Magnamalo Scute ×2
Magnamalo Scale ×3
Magnamalo Shell ×3
Magna Ghostprism ×2
Sinister Strum II Magnamalo Plate ×1
Magnamalo Horn ×2
Commendation ×1
Magnamalo Material ×10 pts
Sinister Shadestrum Magnamalo Scale+ ×3
Magnamalo Shell+ ×3
Magnamalo Scute+ ×2
Purple Magna Orb ×1