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Utsushi Mask S (Hidden)

Utsushi Mask S (Hidden)

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Type Helmet
Rarity 5
Defense 52
Slots Empty level 1 decoartion slot
Fire Resistance 3
Water Resistance 0
Thunder Resistance 0
Ice Resistance 0
Dragon Resistance 0
Skills Razor Sharp 2
Spare Shot 2
Wirebug Whisperer 1

Utsushi Mask S (Hidden) is a head protection gear in Monster Hunter Rise. This post will cover the stats, forging materials, and skills that the item provides.

Utsushi Mask S (Hidden) - Details

General information

  • Has high resistance against fire
  • Has no resistance against other elements
  • Utsushi S (Hidden) Armor Set
  • The item can be unlocked by talking with Elder Fugen and completing Kamura's handyman quest. This quest requires you to finish 8 requests from various villagers in Kamura village.

Crafting materials

  • 7000 Zemy
  • Kamura Ticket x2
  • Anjanath Fang+ x2
  • Monster Hardbone x1
  • Gracium x2



In mine its called "Channeled S"

It depends on the gender of the character. If you are a female it is called Channeled S


how we unlock this armor ?

Hey, updated the information