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Huracan Hammer

Huracan Hammer

Huracan Hammer image mhr
Type Hammer
Rarity 6
Attack 210
Sharpness Huracan hammer sharpness mhr
Element Fire 34
Affinity 5%
Defense Bonus 0
Slots -
Rampage Slots 1
Rampage Skills Attack Boost III
Fire Boost I
Element Exploit

Huracan Hammer is a weapon type called Hammer that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon concentrates on dealing blunt damage and having high mobility. Moreover, Hammer users can charge their attacks to deal increased damage.

Huracan Hammer - Details

General information

  • One of the best Fire elemental hammers

Crafting materials

Huracan Hammer - Upgrade path

Weapon Name Required Materials
Red Bludgeon I image mhrRed Bludgeon I Forge:
Inferno Sac ×3
Rath Marrow ×1
Rathalos Scale+ ×4
Rathalos Carapace ×5


Rath Marrow ×1
Firecell Stone ×2
Rathalos Carapace ×4
Red Bludgeon II image mhrRed Bludgeon II Rath Wingtalon+ ×3
Rath Medulla ×1
Rakna-Kadaki Glowgut ×3
Huracan Hammer image mhrHuracan Hammer Rathalos Ruby ×1
Rathalos+ Material ×15 pts
Fire Dragon Scale+ ×3