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Rampage Hammer S

Rampage Hammer S

rampage hammer s image mhr
Type Hammer
Rarity 7
Attack 210
Sharpness rampage hammer s sharpness mhr
Element -
Affinity 0%
Defense Bonus 0
Slots -
Rampage Slots 5
Rampage Skills Any skills

Rampage Hammer S is a weapon type called Hammer that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. This weapon concentrates on dealing blunt damage and having high mobility. Moreover, Hammer users can charge their attacks to deal increased damage.

Rampage Hammer S - Details

General information

  • The hammer can be customized to many variations due to the availability of all rampage skills
  • The materials to craft it requires to do Rampages to get the materials from Apex monsters

Crafting materials

Rampage Hammer S - Upgrade path

Weapon Name Required Materials
Rampage Hammer I image mhrRampage Hammer I Apex Beastclaw ×1
Guild Ticket ×1
Aknosom Feather+ ×2
Rampage Hammer II image mhrRampage Hammer II Rathian Carapace ×4
Apex Venom Spike ×1
Defender Ticket 5 ×1
Rampage Hammer III image mhrRampage Hammer III Zinogre Electrofur ×4
Ibushi Carapace ×1
Defender Ticket 6 ×1
Rampage Hammer IV image mhrRampage Hammer IV Rakna-Kadaki Glowgut ×2
Apex Bubblefoam ×1
Defender Ticket 7 ×1
Rampage Hammer V image mhrRampage Hammer V Apex Blaze Sac ×1
Apex Curlhorn ×1
Defender Ticket 8 ×3
rampage hammer s image mhrRampage Hammer S Apex Blaze Sac ×1
Apex Shockshell ×2
Defender Ticket 9 ×3