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Bazelgeuse Greaves

Bazelgeuse Greaves

bazelgeuse greaves image mhr
Type Legs Armor
Rarity 7
Defense 72
Slots empty level 3 decoration slot mhr
Fire Resistance 3
Water Resistance 1
Thunder Resistance -4
Ice Resistance -2
Dragon Resistance -2
Skills Artillery 2
Guard 1

Bazelgeuse Greaves is legs protection gear in Monster Hunter Rise. This post will cover the stats, forging materials, and skills that the item provides.

Bazelgeuse Greaves - Details

General information

  • Effective leggings for weapons that deal impact damage like Charge Blade, Gunlance and Bowguns
  • Low resistance against thunder, ice, and dragon elements
  • Bazelgeuse Armor Set

Crafting materials