Whetfish Fin+ Farming

Whetfish Fin+ Farming - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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In Monster Hunter World the main mechanic which determines your biggest chunk of attack is weapon sharpness. You can usually restore it with default whetstone. However, once you want to do faster runs, or sharpen your weapon mid fight the default whetstone is not enough.

To improve the sharpening speed (or sharpening cycles) you can use "Speed Sharpening" skill or special items: Whetfish Fin+ and Whetfish Fin. Those two items use one and two cycles to sharpen your weapon respectively.

The big question how do you obtain them in a fast way. The answer is Events!

A Fish to Whet Your Appetite

A Fish to Whet Your Appetite is a quest which allows you to catch two Great Whetfish + you get some additional rewards from the event.

A Fish to Whet Your Appetite

Generally this quest would take me about 57 seconds - 1minute 15 seconds, depending on the luck which fish bite the lure. Sometimes, other fish may bite your lure and you could waste your time.

Maximizing your speed and rewards

The quest is fairly easy but there are certain steps which will make you finish the quest faster and make it easier for you.

Get charm with fishing skill

The fastest way to catch the Great Whetfish is using Hunter's Life Charm item. It gives Master Fisher skill which allows you to catch big fishes easier (like Great Whetfish)

Hunter's Life Charm

Master Fisher Skill:

Master Fisher skill

Equip event gear

With this gear you will have chance to obtain festival tickets as you will be running this quest many times. So do not waste your quest rewards:

Passionate festival gear

Ponds to fish in

The two main ponds can be found near camps: Central camp and Soutwest Camp.

The Central camp pond is near the place where you drop:

Great Whetfish Pond

Southwest Camp pond can be found when you jump of the cliff and go to the larger pond:

Great Whetfish Pond

Felyne Fisher skill (optional)

You can get this skill from your daily food skills. With this skill you will have increased chances that the fish will bite your lure. However, I did not find it necessary

Felyne Fat Cat skill (optional)

You can get this skill by eating: Lucky Liquor platter. This skill will increase your rewards from the quest. However, I did not use it personally, as during this time when animation happens and you talk with npc's I would rather catch fish.

Hope this guide helps you!


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