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Moonblade - Location and Stats


moonblade witcher 3
Type Silver Sword
Tier Relic
Weight 2.06
Stats +1-5% Yrden Sign intensity
+10-15% Critical hit damage bonus
+1-5% Critical hit chance
+1% Chance to freeze
Rune Slots 3
Damage 95 - 105 + 10 * Witcher level

Moonblade is a Silver Sword in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Witchers use these weapons to fight monsters.

Moonblade - Location

You will need to find the Spoils of War spot. It can be found in the Pontar River at the Spoils of War icon Southwest of Mulbrydale and Northeast of Crow's

You will need to go underwater and kill a few drowners. To do that equip a crossbow and just shoot underwater. After this find the chest and the Moonblade is yours!

moonblade location witcher 3

Moonblade - Notes

Very powerful early Silver sword as it comes with three rune slots.