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Griffin Armor - Diagram Location, Stats

Griffin Armor

griffin armor icon witcher 3
Type Medium Armor
Tier Witcher Item
Requirements Level 11
Stats +5% Sign intensity
+5% Resistance to piercing damage
+5% Resistance to bludgeoning damage
+10% Resistance to slashing damage
+15% Resistance to damage from monsters
Glyph Slots 1
Armor 90

Griffin Armor is a Medium Armor in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They provide protection for the upper part of the body

Griffin Armor - Diagram Location

The armor pieces diagrams can be found in the cave near Dragonslayer's Grotto

You will encounter there multiple Wraiths and the vampire monster Ekimmara. Due to a bug, there may even be a Leshen, so save before entering

griffin armor pieces diagrams location witcher 3

Griffin Armor - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Shirt 1
Hardened Leather 2
Meteorite Silver Plate 1
Leather straps 5
Monster Eye 2

Griffin Armor - Notes

The armor piece is the first Witcher armor. Even though it is most effective for the Sign user, any build will benefit from higher armor and resistance bonuses.