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Foglet Decoction

Foglet Decoction

foglet decoction witcher 3
Type Potion
Tier Relic
Effect Increases Sign Intensity during cloudy weather.
25% Sign intensity
Charges 1
Duration 1800s
Toxicity 70

Foglet Decoction is a potion in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They provide various bonuses to Geralt and can only be consumed by witchers.

Foglet Decoction - Manuscript Location

Unfortunately, as of 4.0, there is no guaranteed place to unlock this decoction. You will have to search multiple locations - dungeons, chests, etc. to obtain it

Foglet Decoction - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Dwarven Spirit 1
Foglet mutagen 1
Fool's parsley leaves 1
Blowball 1

Foglet Decoction - Notes

The decoction is good to be used when in Velen as weather there is often cloudy