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Viroledan blade

Viroledan blade

viroledan blade steel sword witcher 3
Type Steel Sword
Tier Relic
Requirements Level 46
Stats +75% Critical hit damage bonus
+15% Critical hit chance
+15% Chance to cause bleeding
+15% Chance to poison
+3% Chance for instant kill
Rune Slots 3
Damage 371-453

Viroledan blade is a Steel Sword in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Witchers use these weapons against humans and normal beasts

Viroledan blade - Diagram Location

Looted in Hanse base of Tulasens caves. It is close to Fox Hollow in Toussaint

Viroledan blade diagram location witcher 3

Viroledan blade - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Leather scraps 1
Dark steel ingot 2
Ruby 1
Emerald 1
Acid extract 2