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Grandmaster Forgotten Wolven Armor

Grandmaster Forgotten Wolven Armor

grandmaster forgotten wolven armor witcher 3
Type Medium Armor
Tier Witcher item
Stats +20% Attack power
+20% Adrenaline Point gain
+18% Resistance to piercing damage
+22% Resistance to slashing damage
+30% Resistance to damage from monsters
+30% Resistance to elemental damage
Require Level 40
Glyph Slots 3
Armor 240

Grandmaster Forgotten Wolven Armor is a Medium Armor in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They are middle-category armors that give adequate damage protection

Grandmaster Forgotten Wolven Armor - Diagram Location

First, you have to finish a side quest that is started near the Devil's Pit. It is called In the Eternal Fire's Shadow. Talk to the priest near the entrance to the area.

in the eternals fire shadow quest start witcher 3

The quest is quite lengthy and can be challenging, so come prepared. Once you finish it a new quest will start Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams. Go to Kaer Morhen keep and on the left look for bookshelves. Go to the second floor by climbing the ladder and loot the notes

grandmaster forgotten wolven armor diagrams witcher 3 location kaer morhen

Grandmaster Forgotten Wolven Armor - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Mastercrafted Forgotten Wolven armor 1
Infused slyzard hide 2
Enriched dimeritium plate 2
Monster tongue 2
Monster hide 1

Grandmaster Forgotten Wolven Armor - Notes

The armor became available after 4.0 next-gen update